Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco

Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco

View of Casablanca, Morocco

There are so many movie quotes I could write here.

With barely twenty hours to enjoy Africa’s economic capital, as many a taxi driver liked to point out, we didn’t get a chance to see a lot but I like to think we made the most of our time.
In the evening we spend a lovely time watching the sunset over the ocean, before heading to bed and indulging ourselves in the old classic: Casablanca!

The following morning we had just enough time to see the mosque before Annalisa had to head back to Madrid. As the second largest mosque in the world, The Hassan II Mosque is truly incredible and the tile work was perfect for being beside the sea.  

We said goodbye to Annalisa and wandered towards the centre to get a bite to eat. On the way we were intercepted by ‘Pappi Hassan’, a lovely old man who delighted in showing us his shop filled with carpets of both Berber and Arab styles. I fell in love with a beautiful pale blue and yellow one and I can’t wait to see it in my apartment when I’m back in Abu Dhabi.

With a seven hour ride to Chefchaouen on the horizon it was time to bid goodbye to Casa. It’s not been one of my favourite Moroccan cities but the bustling metropolis was an interesting contrast to the smaller places we have been and I’m excited for the pretty blue town that awaits us.

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