Essaouira: Day Three

Boats at Essaouria, Morocco
Old Portugese fort in Essaouira, Morocco
Essaouria, Morocco
Essaouria, Morocco
View from Old Portugese Fort in Essaouira, Morocco

On our final day in Essaouria we decided it was time to see the port. After a delicious breakfast of Nutella & banana crepes (the French colonial influence on Morocco) we walked along further along the seafront until we reached the end. Blue boats line the water, and your senses are overwhelmed the sights, smells and salty sea air.

This is where the fresh fish and seafood is brought in to be washed and distributed, and the aroma is overpowering. 

It was at this point that I discovered Brittany’s true intentions of visiting here: it was used as a set for Game of Thrones (I confess I do not watch it, please do not judge me too harshly) and she delighted in the old structures. Do any GOT fans recognise it?

I, however, had other priorities, namely relaxing in a little cubby hole I had found and reflecting on my good fortune at being in such a place. 

We live a hard life, don’t we?

To make the most of the GOT experience we headed up into the tower. Whilst Stanza Stark, i.e Brittany, was busy defending the battlements, I admired the town. The view from the tower was incredible, and I couldn’t help but ponder on what a beautiful and friendly place Essaouria had turned out to be. I had come with no expectations, and was leaving with nothing but fond memories and good things to say about the quaint little town.

I am sad to depart, but our trip must continue. On-y-va to Marrakech!  

Have you read days one and two?

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