Essaouira: Day One

Essaouira, Morocco
Seafood in Essaouira, Morocco
Essaouria, Morocco
Waves crashing against a rock in Essaouria, Morocco
Sunset across the sea in Essaoiura, Morocco

Our trip in Morocco started with Essaouria, the pretty little seaside town in the South West of the country.

We arrived here after a rather hilarious journey from Madrid to Marrakech. B & I were running late and as the train pulled into the metro stop, twenty minutes before our flight was due to leave, I prepared myself to run as fast as I could, crouched down in prime starting position. With my bag on my back, I counted down as I waited for the doors to open, and as soon as they did I pushed in front of two bewildered tourists and sprinted as if I were Usain Bolt with Brittany hot on my heels. Within three metres of leaving the train my feet slipped out from underneath me and I face-planted into the floor, taking a spectacular slide into the foot of the stairs. I would love to say my darling friend was sympathetic and helpful but she could barely stand up for the laughter wracking her body. She didn’t stop giggling for about an hour and how we managed to run for a flight with me limping in her pain and her writhing in laughter I will never know. 

Thankfully the rest of the trip went smoothly and one plane ride and one bus later we found ourselves right where we wanted to be: relaxing in Essaouria.

After checking into our hostel, we decided to take a stroll towards the seafront. Essaouria is known as the capital of cats and as we started to play with a cute kitten a lovely local guy called Mohammed started to tell us about his town. He offered to show us the view and so we embarked on what turned out to be an incredible five hour tour of this pretty little place. 

Our first stop on the informal tour was to the cannons overlooking the sea. The town used to be owned by the Portuguese and known as Mogador, and you can see the Portuguese architecture in the battlement walls.

After wandering around the back streets we started to get peckish, and with Mohammed’s recommendation we ended up at seafront restaurant eating the freshest fish and seafood you could imagine. The lobster was still moving and we were reliably informed that everything had been caught just that day.

By this point the sun was dipping lower in the sky and so we walked back up to the canons to admire the view and sunset, watching the powerful waves crash against rocks in front of us.

The perfect end to a perfect day of exploration through the eyes of a local. Mohammed, shukran. 
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