La Loire

Bench in Angers, Loire Valley
Chateau Chinon, Loire Valley
Square in the Loire Valley, France
Spring blooms in the Loire Valley, France
La Loire Valley
Loire Valley, France
Stained glass window reflections in Loire Valley, France
Macarons in France

Last weekend I took a little trip to the Loire Valley, to get out of Paris and to see some more of France. This region is full of beautiful chateaux, and we did our best to see all of them..
Our first stop was Blois, a little town that overlooks the Loire river. The day was beautiful and we wandered around the town, basking in the sunshine.

Inside the Chateau de Blois I had my chance to act like the Queen I wish I was. I imagined myself as the most hilarious monarch, telling jokes to my subjects. I got a little bit too happy in the role and was sad to leave my temporary throne.

After a leisurely lunch of Croque Madam we scooted over to Chinon for more views of the valley and castles. I wish I could tell you more about these places but I somewhat ambitiously opted for the tours in French and so the information I gleaned was somewhat patchy! I know that Chinon had something to do with Joan of Arc and it sounded really interesting, but I think I need to brush up on my history/french before I try another tour like it…

After long tours in both chateaux, and then a good nights sleep in a little hotel nearby, we awoke rested and ready for more sightseeing. This time we visited Fontevraud Abbey and I was surprised to find the grave of Richard the Lionheart. He’s looking a bit peaky don’t you think?

Outside the Abbey was this square, which reminded me so much of the village in Chocolat. It was completely deserted, but I fell in love with the charming little place and I can imagine villagers wandering around, drinking du vin in Le Plantagenet.

The last stop on our trip was Angers, a pretty little medieval village where Spring was springing! Strolling through the streets, I was delighted to see blooms popping out – I am definitely ready for it to start warming up. Plus I haven’t been in a European springtime in three years so I’m loving seeing the beautiful flowers coming out.

The feeling of spring was intensified when I wandered into a chocolaterie and found all these yummy little eggs. Easter is here people! They also had a delicious selection of macarons that had my mouth watering.

We took one final trip into a church and I couldn’t resist snapping the way the light from the stained glass window fell on the wall. Isn’t it beautiful?

The visit to La Loire was short but sweet, but I enjoyed seeing more of France. There are some very pretty little villages and two days just wasn’t enough to see all of them, but I think we did a pretty good job of getting a taste of the region.

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