Tangiers, Morocco

Tangiers, MoroccoTangiers, Morocco
Tangiers, Morocco

With just one night in Tangier, we wandered around the city trying to make the most of our short time in this bustling port. This was made infinitely easier by the generous help of the lovely Ayoub, who walked us from spot to spot pointing out interesting places and telling us about the city. 

We walked through the port, smelling the freshly caught seafood and hearing the interchangeable French and Arabic as fishermen and other men laughed together as friends. 

We walked past the beach as the sun was setting and revelled in the view, the way the pink lit up the Spanish clouds and the intensity of the shadowed buildings against the brilliant sky. 

We walked through the old medina to a famous cafe where Keith Richards and Ban-Ki Moon had eaten, photos proudly displayed on the wall. Is it legendary? I suppose it must be. We talked about Eric Clapton moving to Chefchaoen, Ayoub’s home town.

We climbed up to a terrace and watched the lights flickering on the ocean and the local mosque lit up, pinned against a backdrop of the wall, and he told us about his aunt, the inspirational Philosophy professor who is bringing back Berber music to the blue city. 

We ate spinach tortilla prepared by the local restaurant, Hassan presenting us with suggestions at our clueless faces, and we ate kefta because kefta is delicious.

And then we slept, ready to leave Morocco for another city in another country, crossing the ocean to Spain

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