Essaouria: Day Two in Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley, Morocco

Tagines at the side of the road in Morocco

Goats near Agadir, Morocco

Paradise Valley, Morocco

Paradise Valley, Morocco

Paradise Valley, Morocco

Sunset over Paradise Valley, Morocco

No trip to the West of Morocco would be completely without a visit to Paradise Valley. Having heard incredible things, we hired a driver and hit the road. The journey was long; a predicted three hours turned into a five hours but luckily there was a lot to see on the way. 

We took a break in the little village of Taghazout on the way, eating delicious goat tagine by the roadside. Goats were in abundance throughout the drive and here they are famed for their tree climbing abilities, climbing up to nibble on the fruit of the local Argan trees. The driver wouldn’t stop to let me take a picture (if you don’t believe me google it, it’s hilarious I can promise you!) but I did snap those little cuties running along the side of the road. 

Eventually we made our way into the mountains, passing village after village until we finally reached our destination. It did not disappoint!

The prominent rock face contained a waterfall that tumbled down into pools below it, sheltered by warm brown rocks and with a ceiling of vines and moss. Our aim: to swim in that pool. 

The water was freezing! After hearing that it was 45m deep I chickened out of a proper swim, fearing deep dwelling monsters that would snatch me in their grip (I’m only half kidding). I did, however, enjoy a little paddle around the shallower pool and then sunned myself on the rock. 

After our gallivanting around we decided it was time to make the long journey back to Essaouira. With the sun setting over the mountains we congratulated ourselves on another fantastic day in Morocco.

Paradise Valley is well worth a visit if you ever find yourself around Essaouria or Agadir. Go, you won’t regret it. 
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