Livingstone & Victoria Falls

This is the first post of many about my recent trip travelling across Southern Africa. Today we start in Zambia, reliving my first few days of safari. I have also filmed the experience, and a vlog will be coming soon. Subscribe to my youtube channel to make sure you don't miss it. 

Day One

Crickets hum a chirpy melody as I sit in this chair, one pulled straight 'out of Africa'. The rhythmic lull is interrupted occasionally by the curious sounds of a woodpecker. Looking up, I catch a glimpse of a nimble baboon. Today, day one, has been magical. I am coddled in a quiet, persistent heat with earthy browns and greens softening my eyes. When I first arrived I was greeted by a group of hippopotamuses, delighting us as they rose out the water and opened their spectacular jaws. Later a leisurely swim with Pappi cooled my skin, and now we are about to delight in a good old fashioned gin and tonic. I have not felt this relaxed in a long time.

Day Two

A leisurely day of cards and a massage quickly turned into panic as we realised that we would not, as we had thought, have time for Victoria Falls. And so at 4pm we leapt in a taxi, careering towards the falls. When I say it was an immersive experience, I mean it literally. It was torrential. As we walked across the knife edge bridge, great swathes of water threatened to wash us away. What I had taken for rain, for elsewhere it was drizzling, was in fact the spray: water pounded down onto us, rendering us utterly saturated. The falls themselves are spectacular, when you can see them through the wall of water that they produce.

When thoughts of being desirably dry began creeping into my head we departed, changing and heading for our departure meeting. Tomorrow we start the long drive to Botswana with our group. I can't wait!

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  1. enjoy feeling relaxed , it's the re charging process in opperation !!!


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