Why Small Growth Is Good

I am, what you'd call, a small blogger. My stats aren't astounding, and for a while the only people who read my ramblings on the internet were my family. But, happily, over time I have grown a small and wonderful collection of regular readers who warm my heart with their comments and tweets. Having been blogging for over a year, sometimes I get disheartened when I see much more successful writers who've been at it for less time than me. What am I doing wrong?

But lately I've been thinking about this, and I've realised how fantastic this slow rise in numbers has been. The world wide web is utterly saturated with women like me, women who have a voice and want to use it. Whilst that's a tremendous turn of events, it means that fighting for space in the lives of those who read blogs is actually very hard. So here's why you shouldn't be disheartened when your google analytics line is more of a gentle meander than a sharp climb.

Growth is growth: You are gaining readers, isn't that fantastic? Sure you may lose some from time to time, it happens. I've stopped reading blogs that I adored, not because the author wasn't still doing their thing well but because where I was at was different. You're heading in the right direction, and that's definitely something to be proud of.

It takes the pressure off: Whilst I fairly religiously post three times a week, sometimes I need a break. It's happened recently, with my cavorting across three African countries, and no doubt it will happen again. With a small collection of readers I feel less pressure to pump out content all the time.

Your blog is for you: I absolutely understand that people blog for numbers. Of course we want people to read what we write, it takes time and effort and readers are our reward for that. But, with any creativity, I find it so much more satisfying when it's an undertaking I do for myself. I write because I feel the need to write: some of it stays in my journal, and some of it finds its way onto here. Small growth is a great reminder that your benefit is the most important thing about this process. Just because your readership is small, it doesn't mean that you don't have something worthwhile to say.

You have time to find your voice: I cringe when I read my first posts, and very few remain on here. It took me probably eight months, possibly longer, before I started to flex my writing muscle and settle into a voice that felt both exciting and authentic. Like any hobby, it takes practise. Your loyal readers will patiently ride with you, encouraging you as you progress and isn't it great that no many people read those first shaky words?

Ultimately I want you to take the time to congratulate yourself on whatever you have achieved. Blogging is a commitment, sometimes it feels like a blessing and other times a curse. You're doing well, don't doubt it.


  1. Totally agree!


  2. I LOVE this article and I am sharing it right now! Well done Liza! I am a small blogger also but I am in love with my small/niche audience! I bet its the same for you! I am more into real engagement that commercial blogging anyways! I just subscribed to your blog, your wise words just earned one more happy follower ;) Keep up the good work!

  3. Amazing post, I couldn't agree more! :) I can be so easy to start comparing your growth to other bloggers and feel down about it so I believe we should all focus on ourselves more x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  4. I love his post - it really highlights how numbers can take the focus and shine off smaller successes. My readership is small too, but I feel like I'm connecting with people more personally because of it which for a new blogger, is a pleasant added extra to blogging!

    Samantha xo | Blended to Perfection

  5. It is so true that small growth, any growth at all is still great! So many people beat themselves up about the numbers but as long as you are writing because you want to and its about what you love then it doesn't matter! Lovely blog and great post!


  6. What an uplifting piece :)
    Have always been bummed about my slow growth, but you're right, growth IS GROWTH! 💞

    X Carina


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