An Abundance Of Animals

This is the third part in my stories about my trip around Southern Africa, have you read parts one and two yet?

Day Four

After a wonderful trip down the river I was excited to see more animals in their natural habitat. This is how I found myself, at the delightful hour of 5am, heading into the Chobe game reserve. We were not disappointed, and as the sun rose over a silent landscape we ambled through the park, scanning left and right. Our first thrilling encounter came in the form of majestic lions, hiding in the long grass.

Not long after impalas emerged, their coat gleaming in the early morning glow. They were after their breakfast, and we spied hundreds of the deer nibbling away at nature's offering.

On this trip I was lucky enough to be borrowing a Canon 600D with a stunning lens. It's given me a bad case of camera envy, can't you see such a difference in the image quality? The "Liza needs a new camera" saving is full swing, I can assure you. 

One animal that I desperately wanted to see on this trip was a giraffe. They amuse me endlessly with their unlikely grace and elegant necks. Thankfully my wishes came true and this gorgeous creature strolled out of the bushes beside our jeep.

Did I mention that these guys were monkeying around?


When I was in Kenya many years ago I once asked a zebra to come home with me, he agreed but logistically impossible. Sadly these ones seemed to feel the same way, but aren't the babies adorable?

The final photo of the bunch, and my favourite, is this little friend. His colours were as stunning as the aperture of this lens (read: camera envy) and when he flew he stretched out to reveal an explosion of blue. I'm not normally one to get excited about birds, but believe me when I say I got excited about this one.

The safari was such an incredible experience, and I'm infinitely grateful that I got to go. As you sit in your vehicle observing such exquisite creatures you can't help but feel lucky about being allowed to share their space.


  1. Awww Zebra babies :)
    Your pictures are beautiful, like you I am a huge fan of Giraffes I would have been extremely excited with that capture. The bird was beautiful, what stunning colours.

  2. The pictures are wonderful, and I felt like I was reading a book in the way that you described everything. Excellent writing.


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