Losing Yourself In Literature

Losing Yourself In Literature - Books As Escapism

Do you ever use books as escapism?

I do. When my mind is too loud and horrible to bear I turn to beloved stories to provide comfort. As I skim the well-worn pages I inhabit a world different from my own, and for a while I can be absorbed elsewhere; feeling the injustice of Anne Elliott or the heartbreak of any number of Cecelia Ahern characters. Harry Potter is a particular favourite in these times, I wrap the familiar stories around me as they were a comfort blanket: protection from the world that I don't always find easy to live in. 

Fiction is often derided, particularly light hearted novels or 'easy reads'. But the benefits of reading even the most frivolous of fictional stories are numerous. It is an escape from the screen, or from reality; a change of venue. More than that, it allows us to inhabit someone else's mind, and thus increases our ability to empathise. When we vicariously experience the emotions of others it allows us to expand our horizons, and to gain a better understanding of what it feels like to go through different situations. This is scientifically proven, and I adore that I have even more justification to get lost in a good book. I sense I'm not the only one. 

So this January don't be surprised if you find me buried nose-deep in a novel somewhere, delighting in the story unfolding before me. 

Let's all get lost in literature. 


  1. Reading is my favourite pastime ever! There is nothing greater in the world then curling up with a good book and a hot cup of tea and losing yourself in the story. I always feel slightly ashamed about the books I read. Like you said easy reads or chick lit are usually frowned upon. But if those books are the ones that make me feel the most happy, why not read them?
    Can you believe I've never read Harry Potter? I should probably start reading them sometime soon.

    Love, Eline

    1. I completely agree! If they're the books you love then you should definitely read them :) Please read Harry Potter! It's such an amazing story xxx

  2. This is great motivation for one of my goals this year - to get back into reading books. I love a good fiction book, but I've been more into non-fiction lately. I just like learning about other people's lives, perspectives, and how they got to where they are.

    - Courtney

    1. Good luck with your goal Courtney! Non-fiction can be great too :)

      Liza xx


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