The Unusual Act of Spontaneity

Oh how wonderful it is to get lost in Greenwich Village with a coffee and my camera!

When it comes to character qualities, there are a few things I'm known for: quality advice giver and (more importantly) listener, and an unparalleled knowledge of Harry Potter characters being just two that spring to mind. Spontaneity, on the other hand, not so much. I love plans being mapped out in advance, my diary is stunningly organised, and the thought of saying yes to something when I haven't budgeted or planned for it is honestly a little stressful.

So imagine my surprise when I found myself at a concert of a woman that I'd never heard of, the only familairity being "she was the mum in How I Met Your Mother" (a show I don't even watch). But a friend wanted to go and invited me along, and so before I knew what I was doing I uttered that simple word: yes.

Hours later, I found myself in an intimately small room, sipping a drink with said friend and adoring the woman on stage in front of me. 

For those who don't know, the singer in question was Cristin Milioti, whose other credits, it turns out, include Wolf of Wall Street and Once. I'm just going to warn you that there is a real danger here of this post turning into me fangirling, because it is hard to describe my newfound love without gushing, but I'm going to try to stay on the subject of spontaneity.

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However you must understand that Milioti took deeply heartfelt songs and sang them with exquisite feeling, and yet interspersed the singing with what can only be described as a comedy show. She was funny, honest, and the bizarre combination really worked. I describe this only because I think it lies at why I left feeling so terribly inspired. She showed real vulnerability on stage, both through her melodies and her hilarious musings and you all know how I feel about vulnerability (spoiler: it's the most important quality in life).

It would have been so easy to say no, staying home was the safer and cheaper option. But a deviance away from my usual style lead to a memory that has contributed to what feels like a rich and fulfilling life in this city. Routine suits me in most of my life, but sometimes you've just got to say yes. 

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  1. I'm not a spontaneous person at all as well, even though I sometimes wish I was. I love that you went to that concert without really knowing anything about it & ended up loving it - this post showed me that saying yes more can lead to amazing memories :) x


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Sara, I hope you have a few moments of spontaneity too but know that it's totally okay to not be that kind of person :) xx


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