Dipping Back Into Dating

After a much needed hiatus, and enjoying the single life, I have finally dipped my toe back into the dating pool. 

It is hard to communicate what a big deal this is, but put it this way: I very nearly went on a date in Ghana but stood the guy up because I freaked out so much at the prospect (I still feel bad about it). The song "What If When He Sees Me" from Waitress (oh my gosh, great musical) is also perhaps representative of my feelings. The mere thought of dating normally turns me into an awkward wreck and my last break up had convinced me that maybe I should just give up all together. 

Now this is no giant proclamation, and I'm going to be careful what I say for the sake of privacy but in New York I met someone who restored my faith in the unfairer sex. 

What followed were some of the cutest dates I have ever been on, from browsing books, and building a cookie White House on Fourth of July, to playing scrabble in a little cafe and these amazing ice creams. Lame for others perhaps, but just what I adore. Most importantly I felt I could be utterly myself, which lead to stimulating conversation, laughter and a slight reduction of my usually awkwardness (so awkward). 

Now the temporary nature of my time in the Big Apple and his jet set summer put paid to any potential almost as soon as it began, which isn't how I would have liked things to have gone. But in another world, where we both stayed in the same city, maybe it could have become something more and that thought alone is thrilling. 

So here's to renewed optimism, and wonderful memories. I can be single, and I can date, and I can't even begin to tell you what these steps forward mean to me. Will my ear to ear grin suffice? 

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  1. Those dates sounds really nice and I'm pleased it made you feel a bit more confident about dating! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

  2. Those dates would have been utterly cute and fun, I bet! I am so glad to read a post like this!



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