Desert Shenanigans

My childhood best friend has been visiting me this past week and as I had a few days off we decided to explore the Emirates further with my roommate, planning a trip through Dubai, past Al Ain and then into Oman to visit a Wadi that was supposedly very beautiful.

If only it had gone to plan!

Nonetheless I wanted to document the experience for you: so come along for the wonderful, crazy ride that was 24 hours of my adventure with Freya and Annalisa. Nothing went as intended, but it was a lot of fun!

Please note this is my first ever vlog and recording it has taught me three things: 1) I say woo way too much in the middle and end of sentences - I was nervous, sorry 2) I need to learn how to hold my camera so that it is stable and not wobbling about all over the place and 3) starting each segment with hey gal/hey gang in a weird voice isn't a great idea, in fact I need to stop doing it in real life too.

I hope you enjoy it! I'm heading off to Kazakhstan next week so there will be another vlog in the near future, hopefully with all of the above rectified.

Happy viewing!


  1. I don't know what you worried about - it's a great vlog! Fun to watch! And hey, everyday we all learn something... Just means we can constantly improve and be the best we can be! Enjoy Kazakhstan!

    1. Thank you Rebecca! You're totally right, and I did have a lot of fun which is the important thing :) I definitely enjoyed my time in your neck of the woods ;)


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