Basking in Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, New York
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, New York
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, New York
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, New York

It was a hot Tuesday afternoon, one of those days where exhaustion triggering anxiety dictates a day off, but after three naps and two showers I knew I needed to get out of the house somehow. On days like these I find walking and seeing where I end up to be the most productive and self-loving thing I can do for myself, and somehow this lead to me wandering through Brooklyn Botanical Gardens watching the world around me.

I adore observing people, seeing them float through their days and interact with loved ones, and there’s something about huge, beautiful expanses of nature that make it even more fascinating. The father carrying an American Girl Doll backpack and obeying his adorable daughter’s every word as she dictated their path, the two old women recounting stories of their families and laughing until tears rolled down their cheeks, the myriad photographers who, like me, adjusted lenses and rotated round each flower until they got the perfect shot. 

Despite the vivid colours and pungent smells coming from the roses as I strolled through the perfectly lined garden, it was the first time I hadn’t felt over stimulated all day. Instead a peaceful contentment, borne out of un-lonely solitude, descended over me. 

I walked until the sun became too strong, New York’s humidity being a challenge that I still couldn’t quite handle. They were not the most beautiful botanical gardens I had ever seen, but on that day they were exactly what I needed. 


  1. This is beyond lovely! Would legitimately spend the entire day soaking up the serenity haha, the place looks wonderful!
    Much love from MoiMinnie! xx

    1. Thank you! It was so great, I wish I could go back xxx

  2. Oh it just looks so pretty and peaceful!!

  3. wow! amazing blog post ! had a good read :) I just love blog like this !!! thanks for sharing keep up the good work

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