A Trip To Tamale

Somewhat shamefully this video has taken me two months to make, only slightly better than the Safari vlog that will one day grace these screens (which was filmed in March!). 

Nonetheless, a late vlog is better than no vlog at all, and thus I decided to still upload this little number from Tamale. As I explain in the video, Tamale is a town in Northern Ghana... a long way from Accra! We drove the twelve hours each way as well as the places we visited in between, meaning that we spent more than 30 hours on a bus for just 48 hours there. Despite this, it was well worth the adventure. 

I often wonder on trips like this what to include or leave out. As with Cape Coast, we visited a slave camp and I didn't feel it appropriate to film a site that holds such a terrible history. And yet if I gloss over it, am I denying the past?  I'd really love to know your thoughts on this, it's not an easy question and the answer alludes me.

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- Camera used: Canon EOS M with 18-55mm lens - 

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