An Amsterdam Vlog

If you follow me on any form of social media or regularly read this blog, then you'll know how excited I was to get to Europe. I missed home, but I also missed many things about the continent in general and our little break would give me that in a whole new country. 

And, as I'm sure you've seen, I adored it. I loved the  little houses, wonkily sitting side by side. The endless canals and bridges to walk over. I spent time giggling with family that I love, and immersing myself in the city that I had wished to visit for so long. 

So here is a five minute taste of that trip. If you've been thinking about visiting Amsterdam then I urge you to do it. It doesn't have to be the wild, high adventure that some treat it as (although it can be if that's your thing!). I thoroughly loved it in a far more sedate fashion.

All in all it was wonderful. Thank you Amsterdam, you were just what I needed. 

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- Camera used: Canon EOS M with 18-55mm lens - 


  1. Very charming! You need a selfie stick or something like that to film yourself. I am looking forward to hearing about your next adventure.

    1. Thank you Emily! I should buy one, that would be very useful :)


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