A Love Letter To Abu Dhabi

Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

I love living in Abu Dhabi. It's such a vibrant city nestled in the sand, and it really has become home to me in the past two years. As you may have read in this post, I decided to come out here for my university experience and I have never regretted it, so I thought I'd list my favourite things about living on this desert island.

The Sunsets

Sunsets in Abu Dhabi (and the Emirates in general) are unlike any I've seen elsewhere. If you follow me on Instagram then you'll have seen my snaps of the beautiful oranges, yellows and pinks lighting up the sky. Sitting on the Corniche as the sun slips behind Lulu Island is one of the best ways to spend an evening, as is seeing the colours of the Sheik Zayed Mosque change in the dimming light. 

The Travel Opportunities

The UAE is in a great position for travelling abroad. From Nepal to Kazakhstan, I've seen some beautiful countries that I never thought I would experience since living here. It's also great to explore within the Emirates. Dubai is, of course, ridiculous and exhilarating but the smaller and lesser known places like Al Ain and Sharjah deserve a mention too. I definitely feel very grateful for all that I have experienced and I love documenting my experience. I have a trip to Athens in two weeks and India in January, why not subscribe on Youtube so that you don't miss any of the adventures?

The Heat 

As someone who feels the cold, the year round sunshine is a welcome change to England's rain. Although it's downright unbearable in the 40+ degree celsius summers, this time of the year is unbelievably beautiful. Remind me of this when I'm sweating walking up the stairs, please. 

The Beach

With good weather comes good opportunities for lying in the sand. Although I rarely make it to be beach because, you know, I'm a student and I spend most of my time in the library – people are usually surprised when I come back at how pale I am – when I do drag myself there I'm always glad, and it makes for a fun Friday afternoon activity. 

The People

The Dhabz (as we sometimes affectionally refer to it) is made up of a mix of some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. From my friends at university to the enthusiastic taxi drivers and fascinating Emirati men and women that I encounter here, all contribute to making this city rich and interesting. 

These are just a selection of my favourite things about the city. I've been feeling sad lately so it was a great experience to stop and think about what makes me happy here. What are you favourite things about where you live? 


  1. Your post has me even more excited for our brief January visit! Any tourist 'must-dos'? xx

    1. I'm so excited for you! Yes, you must visit the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque it is incredible and try a camel milk cappuccino in Emirates Palace. Plus January is beautiful weather for a stroll down the Corniche :) I hope you have fun, I'll try to write a post about my favourite things to do in Abu Dhabi before you go! xx

  2. Your post has me even more excited for our brief January visit! Any tourist 'must-dos'? xx

  3. SO BEAUTIFUL! I would love to go to Abu Dhabi one day! or dubai. The middle east seems so fascinating!!

    x, Carina / Running White Horses - Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle

    1. I hope you get to visit! I love Abu Dhabi a lot and I must agree with you, the Middle East is fascinating :) xx


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