Being Creative For Yourself

Creativity and Self Care

I'm going to confess something to you: I am not a good painter. Nor am I good poet, and my pottery is terrible. I am passable at cross-stitch, but only because it is extremely easy to do a simple design (and no I'm not talking myself down because I promised I wouldn't do that in this post, remember?).

And yet the aforementioned hobbies are a very key part of my self-care routine. They provide me an outlet in which to express emotions that would be otherwise damaging, and the space in which to feel. Each hobby offers a different panacea: writing poetry is the balm to my anger or sadness, painting is fantastic for when I am feeling lonely, pottery allows me to escape from my own head, and cross-stitch is the physical distraction I need for when the anxiety starts to creep in.

For a long time I wasn't creative at all. I never wrote anything beyond my essays, I hadn't picked up a paintbrush or clay in a decade and I certainly never considered purchasing a needle and thread. I feel like I taught myself out of creativity because I wasn't good, and why would I do something I wasn't good at? I didn't realise how fulfilling it can be even when you don't have noticeable talent.

Reintroducing these things into my life has been incredible. Once I started to write again I got a little braver, which eventually turned into this blog. Fear had held me back for a long time, but since I began posting my thoughts on the internet I have received such wonderful comments from people I know, and people I don't. It is still a small space – my domain authority isn't exactly impressive and my page views won't excite you – but it is a significant achievement that I have made. I have jumped out of my comfort zone and it has been so rewarding. Sometimes I have kick myself for not starting this sooner, but then I remember to congratulate myself for doing it when I did; we each have to move at our own pace and I guess this was mine. So let's revel in the enjoyment that comes with being creative for ourselves: you don't have to be fantastically talented, you just need to pick up a pen, paintbrush or potters wheel and dive in.

And maybe one day I'll let you read my poetry.


  1. This is such an inspiring post.I feel like that too how I'm passionate about so many things but I don't know if I'm as good. I guess there are no rules to who can do what.x

    -Wildfire Charm

  2. Thank you! I totally believe there are no rules - do what makes you happy, that's the important thing :)

    Liza x

  3. Thank you for following me on insta! I thought I'd take a look at your blog and absolutely adore the vibe.
    Love this post so much - I think I may have to pick up a pencil again!

    Imii xx |

    1. Thank you for following back! I only found your blog today and I love it :) Have fun in Paris! xx

  4. I loved reading this, I felt the line "I feel like I taught myself out of creativity because I wasn't good" sums up my life and I've only just realised it. I'll start working on that. Thank you x

    1. I hope you get back into being creative, it really doesn't matter whether you're good or not! Thank you so much for commenting, it means a lot that you could relate to what I've written :)

      Liza xx

  5. wonderful post dear :)


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