Reflections On New York

View of Manhattan from DUMBO, New York, USA

View of Manhattan from DUMBO, New York, USA

View of Manhattan from DUMBO, New York, USA

I haven't posted much about my time in New York, mostly because I decided to take a break from blogging half way through, but that didn't stop me taking hundreds of pictures of the Big Apple.

One sunny Sunday Andres and I took a walk through DUMBO, which has now become my favourite part of Brooklyn, and I snapped these pretty shots. DUMBO is a cute quirky area that offers a great spot for brunch and fantastic views of Manhattan. I crossed this bridge every single day on my way to and from work, delighting in the ability to see the Statue of Liberty on the water and the Freedom Tower rising up above the others, and it was even more magical to see those sites from the edge of the water.

So how was New York?

Well it was many things: exciting, exhausting, illuminative, intimidating, stimulating and scary.

Interning was inspiring and tiring in equal measures. As a student, albeit one who is usually busy with about four projects at once, I usually have far more control over my time and the 9-5 came as a real shock to the system. That, coupled with my hour commute twice a day, means that I felt a frustration that I can only associate with being in an office in Manhattan all day. Being in New York was amazing, being inside a building on W30th street where the only window faces a wall, not so much.

It wasn't all despair and dissatisfaction though! In true intern fashion I learnt a lot in so many areas from non-profit lingo to the best practises for Pinterest, and met some really interesting people along the way. A particular highlight was sitting in on a meeting and hearing the words "when my father founded Mulberry..". And outside the office? Well I was a complete tourist.

Living in New York wasn't what I expected it to be. In some ways it was better, in some ways it was worse, but as always I'm grateful for the experience and glad I got to live in such a vibrant place.

Have you been to New York? Would you like to live there?


  1. I've always thought of New York as being somewhere to go and visit as opposed to somewhere to live, so this was really interesting to read. Even with the 9-5, it sounds like your trip was worthwhile, and your pictures are beautiful :) xx


    1. I know what you mean, and to be honest I still feel that way! It really was worthwhile though, and thank you so much :) xx


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