Nepal Day Two: Pokhara (And Election Escapism)

In truth I don't really feel like publishing a blog post today. I attend an American university in the Middle East with an incredibly diverse student body and it seems that nearly all of us, like so many others around the world, are despairing over the future. I hadn't scheduled a post and all I want to do is crawl under my duvet and pretend that Brexit and Trump has never happened (Admittedly it hasn't even been called as I write this, but it looks pretty much impossible for Hillary to win right now), and stick to my belief that the world still loves each other. But life carries on as normal, and so throwing back to some travelling shots seems like a pretty good way to go. 

I had intended to post more about Nepal, and yet somehow other topics overtook the travelling ones in my blogging brain. My vlog is very nearly finished and I'm really excited to show you everything we did but in the meantime it's kind of nice to look at those happier times a little way across the world. 

Ironically the beautiful stone structure at the top is the World Peace Pagoda, a fitting reminder for the way things should be right now. Post Brexit I wrote an article for The Gazelle, our publication here, imploring both sides to not let the divisiveness grow hatred in our heart. All I can think, as we watch Trump emerge victorious, is that now more than ever we should listen to and support minorities who stand to be hurt over the coming years. We should turn to our Latino/a, Black, female, LGBTQ (and any other group who stands to be hurt) friends and show more love than ever before. 

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  1. Awe Liza, I feel the same way! I stayed away from social media and my blog for a little while to process it all and it still doesn't quite make sense. There's a lot of global grieving happening right now but also a lot of love, coming together, and hope that lives. That's what's going to get us all through this. Sending lots of love your way <3

    Misha K |


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