New York Pride

Pride Parade in New York City on 5th Avenue

Pride Parade in New York City on 5th Avenue

Pride Parade in New York City on 5th Avenue

The love I saw in New York City last Sunday honestly made me want to cry. Coming just days after the ruling from the Senate Council on making same-sex marriage legal across the entire country, the NYC Pride March was truly alive with excitement and positivity. Cheers and screams erupted along the length of Fifth Avenue as floats of all manner drove down the road. People were dancing, singing along with music and wearing the most fantastic costumes I’ve ever seen! Personal favourite parts of the day include:

The sheer number of children carrying rainbow flags: It really reminded me of how more accepting each generation can be. If we teach kids young that it’s okay to be whoever and love whoever they want, we’re in for a beautiful world of equality.

The two men on top of the wedding cake pointing to their rings and kissingLove is love, and these guys reminded me of that. Plus they had a beautiful wedding cake, and who doesn’t want to be on top of a wedding cake IRL?

Making friends with people as we walked down the street: making friends is my favourite thing ever and Hennie and I were totally down for random selfies and friendly faces!

The amount of corporation floats: My first reaction to this was ‘oh god, corporate America’ and then I read a post by the Artistic Director of the NYUAD Arts Centre (who I previously mistakenly referred to as a professor) on Instagram about how happy he was that the capitalistic side of the US was behind progress and the ability of the LGBTQ employees to celebrate with their colleagues. It completely changed my view on things and made me realise the power in Citbank having a rainbow float.

Pride was such a powerful day in so many ways. Have you ever been to a pride parade? What did you think? 

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