Sailing Down The Seine

Sailing down the Seine, drinking champagne in Paris, France.

Dinner down the Seine

Main course on Seine cruise, Paris, France.

View of the Eiffel Tower from the Seine, Paris, France.

Looking at the Eiffel Tower from Trocadero, Paris, France.

The Arc de Triomphe at sunset, Paris, France.

You don’t understand the beauty of Paris until you have floated through it, eating the most delicious food imaginable and sipping white wine. And yes, that is how I spent my afternoon last weekend.
When my lovely long distance boyfriend decided to pay me a visit from New York, I figured we needed something special to do to celebrate being reunited and the Christmas present I had received from my mother for a lunch boat cruise seemed like the perfect romantic activity in the perfect romantic city.

Embarking on the boat in front of the Eiffel Tower set the scene for a lovely afternoon, and being served champagne as we sat with a full view of the banks of the Seine confirmed that it would be as amazing as we thought.

As we started sailing down the river, a tablet flashed facts about the sights and our waiter added some additional information including the, presumably fictional, point that he lived in the Louvre. Everything that we saw as we gently floated through the city I have seen before, but there is something very different about the view from the water. The Musee D’Orsay looked even more majestic, the Museum of the Legion D’Honneur looked even more dignified.

Oh, and the food was to die for.

To start we both opted for the Pressé de Canard which looked slightly odd but was full of flavour, and I swear I almost melted when I tried the caramelised onions. We also both went for the pork belly (we don’t always choose the same I promise!) and if I thought the starter was good, the main course blew me away. The meat disintegrated as I sliced my fork through it, and the imaginative potato and apple combination perfectly complimented the pork and black pudding.

Unfortunately by dessert I’d consumed a little bit too much wine and got a little bit too lost in conversation meaning I completely forgot to take a photo! But the pear and madeleines that I devoured were equally amazing and as we docked back in I delighted at the view.

Having started by the Eiffel Tower we naturally finished by the Eiffel Tower and so a stroll underneath seemed like the logical next step. Wandering through Trocadero, boyfriend-turned-cameraman snapped this little shot of me as I reflected on how lucky I am to be in Paris. It sounds trite but trust me I’m thanking the universe every day for my good fortune, and it felt even better to have him beside me.

A lazy stroll down the streets of Paris took us to the Champs Elysee just as the sun was setting, which gave me a chance to play around with my camera some more. I’m really proud of how this turned out, and excited to see how my blog is improving my photography skills.
Some weekends are just too perfect I guess.

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