Hi, I'm Liza and welcome to my site. A very good friend described me as someone who was jumping heart first into life and I think that sums up this space pretty well.

I started blogging after moving to Paris, having realised I wasted a huge opportunity in the past couple of years to document my many and exciting travels. I like to write posts about the places I visit and the things I think about, with some words of wisdom thrown in between.

Life getting you down? My advice series tackles those issues that people find hard to discuss. Or, if you want to see where I’ve been, check out my travel section for a healthy dose of wanderlust. Recent trips include Kazakhstan and Greece, I attend university in Abu Dhabi, this past summer I lived and interned in New York, and last spring I spent a semester in Ghana

Want to get in touch? Feel free to send me an email at ltaitbailey@gmail.com. I'm always open to guest posts and collaborations, so throw me your ideas and I'll see what we can do. 

A British travel & lifestyle blog, helping readers be a little less worried and a little more full of wanderlust. 

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are occasionally used in my posts. I never recommend something I don't love, but a girl's gotta eat, you know?

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